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A showcase of athletic excellence

The Inter-Secondary Schools Boys and Girls Championships, better known as "Champs", the proving grounds for future champions, is considered one of the most exciting and competitive junior championships in the world. It is an athletic competition between all the island's high schools and is held in Kingston Jamaica during the month of March every year. It is an unbridled display of passion, guts, determination and a can do attitude by young athletes, truly capturing the essence of the Jamaican people.

Champs legend Daniel England (L)
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A history of success at Penn Relays


Edwin Allen

Jamaica College





Penn Relays

A story of perseverance

In 1964 Kingston College sent Lennox Miller, Rupert Hoilette, Alex McDonald, Jimmy Grant, Tony Keyes, and Lennox Tulloch to participate in the Penn Relays. That was the first team from Jamaica to compete at Franklin Field. Despite facing numerous obstacles the team won the sprint medley and placed second in the mile relay, paving the way for the success we see today from numerous Jamaican high schools at Franklin Field.

Jamaica's Junior Record Holders


Britany Anderson

Britany holds the U20 record in the 100M  hurdles with time of 12.71, set on  July 24, 2019 in Joensuu (FIN).


Ackera Nugent

Ackera holds the World U20 Indoor Record for the 60m hurldes.  She ran a time of 7.91 on Feb 26, 2021 in  Lubbock, TX (USA).


Tia Clayton, Serena Cole, Kerrica Hill & Tina Clayton 

Current holders of the 4X100M U20 record with a time of 42.94s, set in Nairobi (KEN), on Aug 22, 2021.


Dejour Russell

Dejour ran a record time of 13.04s in the 110 hurdles in Nairobi (KEN) on July 14, 2017 setting a World U18 Championships Record.


Yanique Thompson

Yanique holds World U18 Championships Record in the 100M hurdles, set on July 11, 2013 in Donetsk (UKR) with a time of 12.94s.

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